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Grantee FAQs

+ How do I apply for a grant from BHHS Legacy Foundation?

The first step involves contacting one of the Foundation’s vice presidents to discuss your organization and program. After that discussion, you may be invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to the Foundation.


Click here to see detailed information on our How to Apply page.

+ What happens after I submit an LOI?

Because we recognize the work it takes to develop a grant request, only those LOIs that the Foundation is seriously considering for funding will be invited to submit a full grant application. Click here to review the various steps involved in seeking funding.

+ What type of funding can I apply for?

Familiarize yourself with the Grant Information and What We Fund sections of our website to understand the types of projects the Foundation funds. If you still have questions, feel free to contact one of the Foundation vice presidents of program development for your region.


For programs serving the Phoenix region, contact Mary Thomson ( For programs serving the Tri-State region, which includes Greater Bullhead City, AZ; Laughlin, NV; and Needles, CA, contact Nancy Mongeau (

+ What does the Foundation look for when deciding what to fund?

Programs and projects that fall under the Foundation’s strategic priorities are given the highest consideration, and projects/programs that have multiple funding partners are particularly interesting. Projects/programs that have clear goals, objectives, and outcomes highlighted in the grant application are also highly desirable. The Foundation typically will not fund more than one to two years, putting strong emphasis on the sustainability of the program/project once Foundation funding ends. The Foundation also puts weight on the internal operating infrastructure of the organization with particular stress placed on the executive leadership, board makeup, and financial accountability and sustainability as exemplified by the amount of operating cash on hand and the ratio of assets to liabilities on the organization’s balance sheet.

+ If my organization received funding last year can I reapply for additional funding?

Because of the number of requests the Foundation receives, it is unlikely that the Foundation will consider more than one grant request within a 12-month period. Prior to considering a request for additional grant funding, the Foundation requires organizations to submit a comprehensive report on the use of the previously awarded grant funds that highlights the accomplishments, challenges, and outcomes of the program supported by the Foundation.

+ When is the grant application due?

Application deadlines vary within the Foundation’s geographical regions and each grant cycle. The actual due date for each applicant will be listed in the Foundation’s invitation to complete and submit a formal grant application.

+ What if I have a question while developing the grant application?

Feel free to contact one of the vice presidents of program development at any stage of the grant application process for clarification of the grant request guidelines.

+ Can I apply for more than one year of funding at a time?

Due to limited resources and the volume of requests the Foundation receives, the board of directors only approves funding one year at a time. They will, however, invite projects seeking multiple years of funding to reapply within a 12-month period. Grant renewals are based on the ability of the grantee organization to meet its grant objectives as well as the level of available Foundation funding.

+ How long does it take before I know if my grant application was approved?

Grant requests are considered by the board of directors for approval three or four times a year. Typically, a grant request from the Letter of Inquiry stage to the award stage takes about four months.