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Donate Now — and We’ll Double It!

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File your taxes and claim the Charitable Organization Tax Credit using AZDOR form 321. Tax credits reduce your taxes dollar-for-dollar as a credit (not a deduction).

Receive your tax credit—up to $400 if single or $800 if filing a joint return. Everyone who pays taxes qualifies. There’s no need to itemize!

Reduce Your Taxes or Increase Your Refund

Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you made a positive impact on your community. By supporting Legacy Connection, you will help to enhance the health and quality of life of those we serve and build a more successful future for us all. And there’s great news! Thanks to the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit, you can decrease your Arizona tax bill—or increase your refund—by $400 or $800. That means your gift ends up costing you nothing! Here’s how that works.



Plus, BHHS Legacy Foundation and Legacy Connection have teamed up to double the donations going to select programs. That means your donation—plus BHHS Legacy Foundation’s matching funds—will go twice as far to help Arizona families in need.


This tax credit is in addition to school tax credits and foster care credits. So in the same year, you can take advantage of multiple tax credits, including the Charitable Tax Credit, the Public School Tax Credit, the Private School Tuition Tax Credit, and the Foster Care Tax Credit. If you have questions, contact your tax adviser or call us at 602-778-1200 to learn more.